All you need to know about the 125...

125cc Motorbikes

After months of searching, we could only come up with a handful of useful sites about 125cc race-reps. They are an afterthought on most web sites, so we decided to start our own.

Our aim is for 125HQ to be a definitive resource for information on 125cc motorcycles – Race-Rep heaven! But remember, this is a new site and is growing fast, so if there is something you would like to see on the site, please let us know.

Why 125cc motorbikes?

Well, in our opinion, 125cc bikes are the best bikes you can buy. They are more practical than you would think. We have done distances on the RS125 that many wouldn’t do on their 600cc sport bike, like from our home in North Wales, down to the south east of England in a day, then back again the next. No problems at all, in fact we really enjoyed it.

They are also easy to work on, and cheap (ish) to service. Anyway, enough of the practicalities, fun is our main concern, and most 125cc motorcycles can provide fun by the bucket load! You want the best handling you can get on the road? You got it. You want a beautiful sounding bike? Check. You want to beat the big bikes through the twisties? Done, and done… you get our point? We live, breath and sleep 125cc motorcycle, and we are not gonna stop. We love ‘em.