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125cc Bikes


Aprilia RS125
The Aprilia RS125 is probably the best 125cc motorbike on the market today. With great looks, one of the best handling of the bunch, and a strong engine

Honda NSR125
The Honda NSR125 was always my least favorite 125cc sports bike for a number of reasons. I thought it looked rubbish compared to the offerings from Aprilia and Cagiva, and I also believed it to be slow. Well, now I have ridden one, I can say that it is a very good bike


Cagiva Mito 125
HE Cagiva Mito 125 - very similar in bodywork styling to the Ducati 916/998 has got to look good. The Mito is a briliant lokking bike, and the fact that is a Mito Evo 125cc is disguised completley from some angles!

Yamaha TZR 125
My first 125cc motorbike. After a poor start with my TZR125, like it being slower than my previous Derbi Senda - a 50cc, 55mph rocket ;) once I got the TZRs powervalve spot welded open, all was good. It was really revvy, and had an extremely narrow powerband, but it handled pretty good, and I learnt a fair bit on it.

125 cbr honda
125 cbr honda OK, so Im not so keen on the 4 Stroke 125s. They are a bit slow, and they dont look as good as ... However, I had a spin on a CBR125 and it was actually pretty good,