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125cc Motorbike Reviews

I bought my RS125 from new as soon as I saw it, I didn't know 125's could look so nice and so full of body until I came across this one! Looking at the bike you'd be forgiven for thinking it's a 250cc, with it's thick rear tyre and large racing build. I just had to have a 125cc for obvious reasons ie. couldn't be bothered going in for my test at the time. So I was decided the RS was obviously the bike for me, as it's the fastest road bike in it's class and I just love speed.

So, the day came when I could go to the showroom to pick the bike up, I was both excited and nervous because I had only been on a small 125 for a few hours two years previously and had been riding a lawn mower type 50cc scooter (with no clutch!) before hand. Anyway, I finally got used to the clutch which had been thrown in for good measure after stalling it at every roundabout on the way home.

I would say it would take a novice like I was atleast a month to perfect their riding of this beast of a 125. If you're 17+ I think this is the ideal bike to get you started and get you through your test. I dont recommend riding a clutchless scooter before buying this bike like I did, you should get a bike from the start.

This is the best 125cc out there on the road today, although a bit high in price it's well worth it!

You wouldn't want to ride this bike for more than 50 miles at a time as it isn't the most comfortable bike out there but it is the fastest.

If you want a reliable and extremely fast 125cc then buy this one!