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Track Days

A track day is the place to really learn the limits and capabilities of your bike, and to hone your skills as a rider. And with a 125 race rep, you will own the corners, even if you are overtaken on the straits. But pick a tight, twisty track, and you’ll run rings round the ‘Big Boys’ on their 600cc+ spots bikes. Now, how do you prepare for a track day?

Trackday Bike Preparation

The first thing to do with your bike before a track day is to wash it. As you are cleaning, keep an eye out for any damage, loose bolts, excessive wear to pads, sprockets etc. If your bike is only a couple of hundred miles of the service interval, have it done prior to the track day. This will ensure it is in perfect condition, and ready for the track. If your service is a way off, a brief home service would be very beneficial.

You have already washed your bike, and checked things over. Now is a good time to give your motorcycle a good lubing. A bit of WD40 or GT80 in and around moving parts such as suspension linkages, levers and controls will make your bike feel like new, and this, followed by some grease or silicone spray, will keep parts working and feeling better.