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125cc Motor Bike Insurance

Not a good subject for some, I know, but important none the less. The aim of this section of the site is to make your 125cc motor bike Insurance quote less of a smack in the face, by providing some information on how you can bring down the cost of your motorcycle insurance premium.

Where do you park?

The answer to this question has a massive impact on the cost of your motorbike insurance. The best place a bike can be parked in the insurance companies eyes, is locked your own garage. If you don’t have one, is it possible to use someone else’s? This does not give the same benefit as having your bike parked in your own garage, but it will still bring your premium down. You can also buy specialist bike sheds for around £700. These are a worth while option if your budget allows, as it will give you the same discount as having your bike in a garage.

If you park on your driveway, you will get some discount, but not quite as much as if it was in a garage/shed. If you have any space on your property, use it to park you motorcycle overnight. Insurance companies do not like bikes to be parked on the road, as it is more likely to be stolen or damaged out in the open.

What security do you have?

There is a bewildering range of security devices on the market that can lower your bike insurance, and picking the right one can be a daunting task. Some of the devices available will get you a discount on your insurance. Datatag is one such item, and it is also cheap and easy to fit. You basically place tiny stickers to key points on the bike, which can be read by a scanner the police have. If your bike is stolen and/or broken and sold in parts, the police can scan it and recover it for you. Smart Water,  Lock and Chain, Ground anchors and alarms can all lower your premium too.  Make sure, before you buy, they are approved by the insurance companies, or you will not get the discount. 

How old are you, and do you have any No Claims?

Age, you can do nothing about. The younger you are, the more 125cc motor bike Insurance you pay, simple as. No Claims Discount/Bonus or NCD/B is basically a discount the insurance companies give you for having a full year with out a claim.  So, the safer you are, the less you claim on your insurance, the more NCD you can get. This can save you a massive amount, up to 40%!