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2-Stroke Engine Tuning

You may already know, there are loads of things you can do to your 125cc 2stroke engine. But that is not where I am going to start. It is very easy to spend big money on your engine and completely ruin your bike.

I did it to my old TZR. I had the power valve locked open to give about 28bhp, but the power band was only 1000rpm wide, and didn’t kick in until 10,000rpm. Below that there was no power at all. It made the bike completely un-ride able (although, once I got used to it and adjusted my riding style, I LOVED it ;)

So, where do you start with 2-Stroke engine tuning?

  • 125cc Engine Tuning
    So, where do you start with 2-Stroke engine tuning? Not at the engine, that’s for sure. First things first, your bike has to be in good condition before you start

  • Gearing and Sprockets
    Gearing and Sprockets is the most overlooked and cost effective way of increasing your motorcycles power. For the price of a tank of fuel, you can increase your top speed by 30% or almost half your 0 – 60 times

  • 125cc Air Filter
    125cc Air Filter is the section of foam/paper in your air box. It keeps debris and moisture out of the engine. But in doing so, it also restricts the airflow.

  • 125cc 2 stroke Exhaust
    exhaust for aprilia rs 125cc give A substantial weight saving (of up to 5kg/12lbs) over standard equipment, better looks and ground clearance, and 125cc exhaust mz 125cc 2 stroke Exhaust ts of course more power. A 2Stroke expansion chamber

  • 125cc Spark Plugs
    The basic benifit or performance spark plugs is to change the combustion temperatures and allow for higher compression ratio in the cylind

  • Big Bore Kits
    Big Bore Kits - The acceleration will improve, and usually the top speed too. Put it this way, if you have been trying to break the 100mph mark, with a big bore you should. But remember, that is with a good strong engine.

  • Engine Blueprinting
    Engine Blueprinting is usually only done on race bikes, but can be of use on your street 125. The process is primarily completed to increase reliability, and it involves stripping the engine completely, to rebuild it to the exact manufacturers tolerances and settings

  • Ultimate 125cc Engine Tuning
    This is kind of the extreme option, buying or building a full 2 stroke race spec engine. You would have a fully tuned engine, in the case of the Aprilia RS 125 you’d be looking at around 40 bhp,