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Aprilia RS125

The Aprilia RS125 is probably the best 125cc motorbike on the market today. With great looks, one of the best handling of the bunch, and a strong engine, in my opinion, it just beats the Mito (I'm gonna get nasty emails about this ;) lol).

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The RS125 has the best build quality of all the 125cc Sportsbikes, and also looks the most like a big bike. The engine is pretty reliable and very tunable. It helps that this bike has its own race series due to the amount of development that has gone into tuning options for the engine.

The bike is based on a very successful MotoGP bike, and it has numerous championship wins under its belt. Ridden by Valentino Rossi when he was in the 125cc MotoGP class, the Aprilia RS 125 got lots of attention, and became the most popular 125cc race rep available.

Key features of the new Aprilia RS125 are: New frame is a re-creation of the one used on the Aprilia GP125 racing bike. New racing wheels with Y-spoke configuration make the rim lightweight while retaining high strength. They are made from a die cast moulding process which reduces unsprung weight and guarantees rigidity under racing conditions.

Extensively revised and improved in 2006 with all new bodywork, suspension, wheels and brakes, the new bike looks great. It has radial front brakes, and RSVR styling - even down to the Y-Spoke wheels. The engine remains pretty much unchanged, which is no bad thing its very good already.

Aprilia rs 125 top speed: 100 - 110mph

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