All you need to know about the 125...

Honda NSR 125

The Honda NSR125 was always my least favorite 125cc sports bike for a number of reasons. I thought it looked rubbish compared to the offerings from Aprilia and Cagiva, and I also believed it to be slow.

Well, now I have ridden one, I can say that it is a very good bike. The slow part was sort of true, as the bike struggles to pass 90mph, however the engine has a fair amount of torque for a little 125cc and is smooth and feels quite strong. It looks ok in some colour schemes also ;). The handling from the suspension is good, only let down slightly by the skinny tyres, and then only when you're really pushing it.

For the majority of 125cc riders, those who commute and use their bike for fun, this is a better bet than I would have imagined, being reliable, reasonable quick and probably the cheapest of the bunch to run and insure. Used prices are above that of similar condition Aprilias and Mitos, as the bike lasts longer in most cases. anyway, here are the specs